Medicine for anxiety treatment

The category of anxiety disorders is very broad and includes various diseases. The most well-known is a panic disorder when a person often has attacks of acute fear and anxiety, which are accompanied by somatic sensations. This can be a heartbeat, dizziness, a feeling of complete anxiety and depressive condition.

If a person does not treat this mental disease, anxiety disorders become chronic. They are much more difficult to treat.

Very often, anxiety disorders are cured only with medication, but along with that, there are very effective methods of psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy which is also effective in this case.

In pathological cases, anxiety becomes permanent and harmful, appearing not only in stressful situations but also for no weighty reason.

In fact, anxiety disorder, unlike many other mental illnesses, responds to the medication therapy well, but they are prescribed for a short duration in order to avoid the formation of drug dependence.

In the case of using the drug approach, tranquilizers, antidepressants are commonly used. They should be combined with the patient’s doing breathing exercises and muscle relaxation exercises. The disadvantages of benzodiazepine tranquilizers also include the formation of dependence, but the withdrawal syndrome can be reduced or avoided completely if you gradually reduce the dose and increase the interval between doses before stopping to take the tranquilizers.


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